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Mónica Fidalgo Blanco

Na hroudě 20

Prague 10, 100 00

Czech Republic

Tel: (420) 739753313



Business ID ("IČ"): : 87091097

Information for students about the processing of personal data 

According to Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR) I must inform you about what will happen to the personal data that you provide me with. I also want you to know that your personal data are safe with me.

I am a so-called controller of personal data. My official business details are: Mónica Fidalgo Blanco, Business ID ("IČ"): 87091097, Na hroudě 928/20, 100 00 Prague 10.

If you have a question about something related to personal data (or about something else), please send me an email at or call me at (00420) 739 753 313.

I need your personal data so that I can communicate with you, teach you, and send invoices. I also sometimes need to call you or write to you. I try to make the booking of lessons as easy as possible for you. Thus, you can create an account on my website, or you can register using your Facebook or Google accounts. The function of registering via these accounts is made possible by the User Login application of the company, which hosts my website. Once you register, you can book lessons. You can pay me using PayPal, an easy way to do so.

That is why I need to know your name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, and how to contact you on Skype. If you log in to my website using your Facebook or Google accounts, I will also be able to see your profile photo.

Expressed using terms of the law, I process your personal data for the purpose of entering into and performing the contract between you and me.

I use various data storage options to store teaching materials. The choice of a data storage option depends on your preferences. Your personal data may thus be stored also on these data storage sites. The ones I use most often are Google Disk and Microsoft’s OneDrive. These personal data may be stored in the territory of the United States. The transfer is carried out on the basis of standard contractual clauses in accordance with Commission Decision 2010/87/EU. For the purposes of teaching, I use applications called ELEteca (Edinumen S.L.) and Campus Difusión (Difusión S.L.). Your personal data may therefore be stored also in these applications.

I store your personal data for the duration of the contract with you and until the expiry of the limitation period for the exercise of rights under the contract. If you create an account but do not book a lesson, I will delete your personal data after 15 days.

Under the conditions stated in the Data Protection Regulation you have

  • the right of access to personal data according to Article 15 of GDPR,

  • the right of correction according to Article 16 of GDPR,

  • the right to erasure according to Article 17 of GDPR,

  • the right to restrict processing according to Article 18 of GDPR,

  • the right to data portability according to Article 20 of GDPR,

  • the right to object to processing according to Article 21 of GDPR, and

  • the right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.



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